Microsoft have built the world's quietest room. It is very quiet such that a human can hear the heartbeat of one's own. Many people are interested in to this room which is used for designing and testing Microsoft's products.

Technology giant Microsoft have built the world's quietest room.

The lowest noise measured in this room which is designed for the test of company's devices is -20.6 decibel until now. This also means that the world's silence record.

At first appearance, though this room seems like a perfect area for the people who think that they love silence, but in fact it is not like that.

The record of staying in this room is only 45 minutes up to now. The mean time elapsed for being stayed on in this room is a bit more than 10 minutes.

Although the hearing limit of a human is 0 decibel, there are some sounds under this threshold. The human whisper is 30, breathing is approximately 10 decibel. Even our heartbeat has a sound of 2 decibel.

After a couple of minutes spent in this room which is completely insulated from external noises, the people say that they can hear the heartbeat of themselves, the sound of blood that circulates in vessels or the sound which comes from the eye socket when they wiggle their own eyes.

The designment and completion of this silent room that nearly makes the person mad which has been special prepared for the Microsoft's product tests located in Redmond City of Washington State have taken six months.

Hundraj Gopal who designs the room states that there are 68 springs which prevent the vibration in the base of building and by this means, the direct connection between the room and the building has been unlinked.

Inside of the room also has a special design. The pop-outs inside the room prevent the reflection of the sound. Therefore, when you walk along the room, you do not even hear its voice. Common people need external noises to be able to stand in balance, thus, the people who start to walk in the room stumble over after a while.